zaterdag 21 mei 2011

Saga of Gemini, size comparison to Heroclix

As some might have picked up left or right, I`m planning on first introducing, then building an actual setting with the SuperSystem rules for Saint Seiya (Chevaliers du Zodiaque / Knights of the Zodiac) like I introduced my Gundams into Future War Commander. Anime AND wargaming... how to combine two hobbies into one ;)

The first model I painted up was Saga, the Gemini gold saint. The reason for this mainly due to the fact to experiment on painting a full gold cloth, and the fact that Saga is just plain cool.

The model is a soft plastic Bandai Gashapon `bottlecap` figure, measuring just around 4cm and as such actually a tat to big for intermixing, but since the scale of Heroclix itself is all over the place as well, I`m not to bothered with that. It`s only a game after all, not a scientific anatomy study or such.

I put the model next to Sasquatch, a rather large superhero model, and a LexCorp security officer which is about the same size as most Clix models generally.

Stat wise, using the rule of 15, he will be one of two saints a tat above the rest, probably aiming at the 115 mark as he is one of the strongest Gold saints around, the other being Shaka of Virgo. I have been tinkering around a bit so far, but the only one really `finished` so far is Hyoga at 85 points. But more of that kind of stuff once the whole setting is considered more or less ready for action of course....

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