dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Saint Seiya Myht Cloth review #4: Isaac of Kraken

The ice wielder of the Poseidon series, Isaac was a youth training together with Hyoga in Siberia for the Cygnus bronze cloth. However, when Hyoga tried to dive for the wreck of the ship containing his mother, he got pulled away by the draft and Isaac jumped in to rescue the future bronze saint. Loosing an eye and presumably his life in the process, Isaac managed to save his friend but was presumed lost.
Years later when the bronze saints ventured into the realm of Poseidon, Hyoga encountered Isaac again, who had become the Marina general of Kraken (not a bad career move if you ask me, a cloth almost equal to a gold saint compared to a bronze cloth), but Isaac turned out to be embittered by the events.
Only after being defeated by Hyoga he once again became friends and revealed the truth behind the early awakening to the Cygnus saint.

Kraken is the first saint I have in both `clothed up` as object mode, something I plan to do first with the saints I really like and if time (and space, the objects are rather big in the Myth cloth range) permits to do with all the cloths I collect.
Truth be told, for Isaac, who isn`t my most favorite of Marina generals (for some reason, I prefer Bian of the Seahorse), this happened rather by accident.
The first time I bought him, his chest piece missed the small yellow plastic part that attaches the shoulder piece:

making it impossible to assemble the figure in dressed up mode. The seller couldn`t provide the small part, and I got a full refund, which is a great service thank you very much, but that still left me with an unassembled Isaac on the shelf. In object mode, the shoulders don`t attach to the chest, so that could be constructed though and I ordered a new Kraken.

The model itself has great facial detail, and the colouring of the mystical `oerlicon` metal is correct and grants a contrast with the Gold armours, a problem the ancient smaller models had as they shared the colouring for metal parts. This series is more `orange` in metal. The model is quite heavy though, with the large robe, chest, underlegs and underarms and big shoulders all being made in metal, and the add on pieces in plastic as well as the `wings`. You have to pose him knees bended back slightly (that is, if you don`t use those special stands Bandai made for the range which clasp the models at the middle, I don`t like the look of the plastic band running around the models middles) to compensate a bit for gravity, but with the long robe, this ain`t really noticable by the naked eye.
A nice little extra is that the model also comes with an extra face for Hyoga`s Cygnus `version 2` cloth, to represent the part where Hyoga injures his own eye as a sort of `wieder gudmachung` towards Isaac.

A lovely model, but nothing extremely spectacular or `fanboy score` for me though, so in my completely subjective rating system I`m going to grant the model of 3.5 on 5, with an inclinating lean towards a 4 out of 5.

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