woensdag 4 mei 2011

Battlefield Commissions 2011

Time for a small, unscrupulous bit of advertising.

In 1.5 weeks time, TSA - Tin Soldiers of Antwerp - is running it`s third open door event called Battlefield Commissions, or BC2011 for short.

Originally founded as a sort of `come and meet us` event, this small scale event is a chance to meet us in our own habitat instead of in that busy hub-nub called Crisis, where most of us don`t have time for taking a piss, let alone a decent, friendly chat.

New this year is also the addition of the painting competition that previously was held at Crisis, but due to place restraints couldn`t take place anymore the past edition.

A second hand market is also held, and this is something I`m wholeheartidly am going to make use off, I literally got tons of figures lying around I just know I won`t get painted anytime soon, or even not so soon. Not to mention models for games I know (now) won`t take off anyways to get played. Or which I just don`t feel like painting basically. Or books I read and not intent on re-reading soonish... you get the idea, fleamarket stuff time teeheeheee.

Gamewise the far Side is taking the opportunity to play a Future War Commander multiplayer, with a series of adaptations to army selection rules as this is the first time we undertake a battle of that sorts and I didn`t want to spend the whole afternoon looking up all kinds of obscure rules.

More information can be found at the TSA homesite including the relevant contact persons for all things contacty. Oh, and our bar is of course open as well that day ;-)

Ciao ciao

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