dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review #2: Hagen of Merak, Beta Robe

This was actually the very first Myth cloth I ever bought, back when Antwerp still sported a Super dragon Toys store about 3 years ago.

Hagen has always been one of my favorite saints, as I just loved the look of the Beta robe. Apart from that, the Asgard series was my personal top series of the `pre` era, the era known before Hades finally got adapted, but the God clothes are still the best in looks for me all series wide.
These days, it still ranks third for me after Hades Chapter Sanctuary and The Lost Canvas.

The Myth cloth is a spectacular model for me, for example it`s chest / robe set is a six piece set, which closely clicks together to create a nice fluent look and the same goes for the leg pieces. The model also comes with two helmets, one with the visor raised and one with the visor lowered over the eyes.

A really nice model and more then worth it`s money, I`m rating this one a well deserved top rating of 5 out of 5.

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