woensdag 18 mei 2011

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review #5: Pegasus Tenma

The Pegasus saint. Hero of all the series, the bronze saint with the power to slay gods. The saint of hope. The protector of Athena, whom he is always by her side...
Kinda of a cool job description, but with Seiya, aka the original Pegasus, my stomach couldn`t fetch it anymore and that little fella seriously started to irritate me more and more over the course of the series.
Sura, every story needs to have his heroes, and of those heroes one will be the `lead`, but they pushed it to far with him.

Then along comes Tenma, a street orphan, big mouthed, foul tempered and willing for a fight. So far in the Lost Canvas, he is being relegated to a side show role, though he already did some `great heroics`, he is a bronze saint in a supporting role of the real warriors of the holy war, the Gold saints. He was killed even rather quickly after receiving his cloth, and only thanks to his companions was brought back from the afterlife...

And he just is a way cooler personality then `big child` Seiya...

The model really captures Tenma`s rogueish facial expression, and the hair sculpting is greatly done.
The Pegasus cloth he wears is the first version as seen in the Lost Canvas series, the one he wins at Sanctuary but gets all beaten up already in the beginning of the series, causing Yato to have it repaired while trying to save Tenma from Underworld. It looks a lot like Seiya`s first cloth, apart from a hairband style headpiece compared to a full helmet.
UNFORTUNATLY the model hasn`t got a correct colouring, the silvery parts have a strong `blueness` to them instead of leaning more to the white as seen in the animes, and that is a real pitty, especcially since it does have nice little extras like Sasha`s flower friendship bracelet.
Another great set up is the robe. This is actually a belt, with four inlocking armour plates, allowing for a great variation of poses for the model. Another nifty little detail in the armour modus is that the small wings on the legparts are actually part of the armour piece itself, and not small click on parts, adding a bit of solidety to these small and fragile pieces.

To bad for the colouring issue though, as this is costing it points, so I`m going for a 2.5 / 5 on Tenma. I hope his future incarnations of cloth will have it correct though, because he is a really cool character.

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