zaterdag 14 mei 2011

Saint Seiya Myth cloth review #3: Siegfried of Dubhe, Alpha Cloth

The leader of Hilda`s God Warriors, Siegfried is based on the Nibelungen tale`s hero and is a noble and very loyal warrior. He follows princess Hilda even though her methods and behavior seem to have changed over the past weeks to a more cold and cruel demeanor.
When Sorrento appears at the end of the epos to tell the truth about Poseidon`s awakening, he sacrifices himself to make up for the crimes of the possessed Hilda, and even though he is commented to be `invunerable`, with him the last of the God Warriors fall.

The model itself then. First let`s start with what I consider very positive things, namely the face of the model and hairsculpture really catch the noblemen well to resemble his anime counterpart.
Another nifty little detail is the chin strap, the model has the option with it both `deployed` or not on the helmet, a nice little addition as in the anime Siegfried often switches between both options.
However, this model has a huge downsize, the colouring is all wrong! By using a more glossy colour for certain platic parts, like the heads of the dragon, to emulate the more shiny metal parts, this actually makes them lighter in colour then the parts that should be lighter.
Also, in the anime the cloth is a dark blue, compared to shiny, royalish purple for the model.
You can clearly see this on the picture and the anime drawing on the box with the model and really a shame that Bandai missed the ball there big time. Especcially when you see the (photoshopped?) picture of the model as well on the box, where the armour is clearly more dark and blueisher then the actual model.

Although a God Warrior I would rate this model on detail wise and my preference of the God Clothes rather high, the colouring bugger up forces me to certainly (and deservedly) lower his score to I would say 2 out of 5 stars. Pity.

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