zondag 22 mei 2011

Lead Painter`s League season 5: The Aftermath

And so another year and another Lead Painter`s League over at the Lead Adventure Forum (LAF for short) has ended.

This was the second year I participated, and a set of objectives was laid out before the start, upping the bar a tat from last years performance:

1. Try to score the maximum of 150 bonus points. I could have gotten that already last year, but i wanted to run a previously seen League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
2. Try to end in the first half of the Leaderboard. Last year saw 52 participants, but this year it turned out an amazing 72 `players` had entered, so I would need to score enough to end in the first 36... oh boy!
3. Try to win 3 rounds. Last year I managed to pull out 3 wins and a draw when aiming for just a win as it was my frist entry back then
4. Try to score 350 points, being 50 more then last years objective and calculated on getting all bonus points, losing all rounds and scoring a 100 votes average.

So of we went to battle it out... I`m linking the entries to the actual round for the score and all, but as last year I will refrain on commenting wether or not I think the result was correct or not. The fate of each entry lay in the hands of the 300+ voters on average each week.

Round 1: Celtic Ireland

Round 1 was a bonus round where 10 extra points where had if one entered with `civilians`, aka unarmed bystanders. I decided to start the League with an Irish themed entry, just like I did last year and which I have decided to try and do so every year, unless of course there is no way to manoeuvre into this with the bonus theme.

Round 2: Blink!

A derby against clubmate and Creepy Corridor Andy. He had my ass all first part of the week, then went to draw until saturday evening. Then I jumped just over and clear of him to net a first win this year. Andy still thinks I paid people to register and vote on that final moment. I let him think...

Round 3: Orbital Defence Force

Third round, second win as I entered my `obliged` space ship entry. A mixture of Tau from bith Games Workshop and Forge World, and I must say I hated painting them. Out they went afterwards to a better home.

Round 4: For Gnomeragan!

I play World of Warcraft, I admit. I wanted to try and see what prepaints could do, and so the superb race of gnomes was drafted into the League.

Round 5: Hold The Line

Another bonus round, earning you 10 points extra if the theme was Africa, and another 10 if you also painted opponents. I went for 15mm British Sudan troops holding position against Fuzzy Wuzzy tribal warriors, but whatever I tried I couldn`t get the whole bunch decently in focus. Never the less, I was still on course for objective numero uno.

Round 6: Sons of the Sand

A heap of Black Tree Saracen assassins and a sand Golem from Leviathan, I came out against Martin from the Fire Broadside! blog. I was happy with how the golem turned out, but the assassins look like they escaped from some second rate disco movie.

Round 7: 15mm VSF Irish on Mars

An experiment for the VSF rules I have lying around, a couple of ACW Iron Brigade models by 15mm.co.uk got a nice emerald jacket, accompanied by a blending of a Flames of War bogward and a horrorclix evil Leprechaun. I had a background for these blokes as well, but since that `glossed` to much, I went to picture it without them.

Round 8: Just Communication!

I love anime. I love Gundams. So I decided to enter them into the League, painting up the originals from Gundam Wing and using the theme song as a reference. They couldn`t net a win, but it was one of the rounds I enjoyed most painting. Next year, I`m going to go for a lot more of j-pop culture entries!

Round 9: Apha Flight

The one round I had high exceptions for, and it started with a huge typo in the entry mail *DOH*. Luckily, the frist attempt of using a more `Dallimore style` for painting paid off big time, earning me my biggest win EVER in the League so far. Those Candaians certainly did me proud, I don`t blame Canada!

Round 10: The Coming of Muad`hib

The grand finale and a lot of bonus point to be traditionally scored! If you got a movie scene, you got 10 points, opponents netted another 10 and using a large model or scenery totalled the possible bonus points to no less then 30.
I went out to search for a rather obscure entry, to not have the x`th variation on the same movie all over, and settled on the assault of Paul Atreides on the Harkonen in the Imperial palace. Using Peter Pig 15mm PLO for the desert warriors and `modern africans` for the Harkonens, I grabbed a Huge Purple Worm` prepaint from the DnD range to make a sandworm.
I do have serious questions on people`s mental state actually liking the background painting though... at my club Patrick, from the Nelson`s Revenge blog, actually thought it was `Van Gogh-ish` :-s

And so the League ended, so what about the objectives?

I ended up with full bonus points (objective 1 reached) and 435 points (objective 4 reached) after 4 wins and 6 defeats (objective 3 reached) on a 41st place (failing objective 2).

Not a bad result for myself personally, the level this year was really really high and I`m glad I once more managed to ride it out to the end.

For next year? Scoring a 5 / 5 in wins seems like a pretty good goal to aim at...

Ciao ciao and congratulations again to all participants!

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