donderdag 26 mei 2011

A Regiment a Month part 1 of 6: 19th Indiana Volunteers

A month ago, 6 Belgium wargamers took a vow to try and paint up a full regiment each month, for 6 months going. To compensate for Lead painter League withdrawal, to cope with Lead Mountain, for mutual painting motivation... to get whole armies finished!

Do they succeed? We are about to find out during this weekend, as the participants can start uploading their efforts, so pop over to their respective blogs and have a look around there...

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19th Indiana Volunteers

Part of the original four regiments that made up the Iron Brigade, also known as the Black Hat Brigade due to their use of the black Hardee felt hats, was one of the elite regiments in the Union army of the Potomac. At Gettysburg, she sustained heavy losses, but never the less remained one of, if not the most well known troops in the whole American Civil War.
She was lead by colonels Solomon Meredith and Samuel J. Williams.

The regiment is 20 strong, accounting for 5 stands in the Rank and File rulesystem from Crusader. I opted to not make her a massive unit, as historic wise, in 1862 - 63 which is the period most ACW battles on the tabletop seem to take place (the whole thing dissolving more in sieges and attacks on cities after Gettysburg) the Union had on average more but smaller regiments then the Dixie Dolls.
This came as a result of the Union system of letting units dwindle until they came under fighting strength, before being fused into a fresh unit, while the confederates opted for the introduction of fresh troops into existing regiments.

Models used are the Iron Brigade models by Foundry, and the banners where made by The Flagdude.

And so I completed the entry for the first round, time to decide which one will `get the brush` during June!

Ciao ciao

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  1. Nice work. My entry is almost done. I was a little bit behind schedule but a knee injury has given me some extra time to paint, so they'll be ready by the end of the month

  2. Really nice unit. Can you put up a picture from behind as well since that is how I look at these usually ;-) Like the initiative as well, another blue regiment in June?

  3. Looking great, not sure if i will be able to finish a unit this month (= exams)but if I'm not able to paint up something this month I will paint more in the other months (mental coach, yes you can!)

  4. Great looking unit and an impressive start of the series!