woensdag 25 mei 2011

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review #6: Cygnus Hyoga v2

One of the five main protagonists in the Saint Seiya series, Hyoga is often known as the `saint of melancholy`. He has a troubled destiny, as he has to kill almost everyone he holds dear: His master the Crystal Saint, his master`s master Camus of Aquarius (whom in the manga itself is his direct master), his youthfriend Isaak during the Poseidon arc, and finally in the Lucifer film the memory of his mother.
Initially, he is a very arrogant saint, believing that being part of a subclass of `ice saints` makes him stand out amongst the others. On top of that, in the manga it is actually Hyoga that has been send by Sanctuary to the Galactic Tournament in order to recover the Sagitarrius cloth and assassinate all that stand in the way.

Personally, I always liked Hyoga`s character a lot. When your a kid and play Saint Seiya with your friends, I was like 10 years old or so back then, everyone wanted to play either Seiya, Ikki of Shiryu, I was the only one to opt for the ice saint (and avoided the me, no me, no me discussions that way). I even made a poor looking headpiece out of cardboard hehehe, those where the days...

The model then. This is the cloth as seen in the anime during the Asgard and Poseidon arcs, when the saints bronze cloths had been revived by the blood of the surviving Gold saints, and had a general `lighter` look. In Hyoga`s case, who was the only one of the five to have a hairband style headpiece instead of a helmet to start with, this mainly resulted in the replacement of his `robe` style waistpiece with the belt style this series of cloths sported.
I did find it a pity though that his blue clothes underneath where replaced by a white clothing, as the blue / silver of the original clothing / cloth provided a nice contrast.

The model itself has two main drawbacks in my vision: the pastic of the hands is far to matt compared to the shiny metal and metal colored parts of the cloth.
The second `grief` is the hair. The top layer is just to obviously `sculpted on` onto the head and the layer below, making it not flow over nicely in the previous layers.
Otherwise, it is a pretty good model which allows a nice set of poses, comming even with `interlocked` hands to pose the model in the Aurora Thunder Attack stance, as I did on the picture.

Overall, I`m rating the cool siberian with a nice 3 out of 5 stars, nothing particularly spectacular about the model, but neitherwise nothing gravely wrong.

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