zondag 8 mei 2011

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review #1: Deathmask of Cancer

A new infrequent series I`m going to run on my blog here, is a view on the bandai Myth cloth series that I can get my hands on and voice some of my opinions on them.

Now what are Myth clothes? They are a series of bigger, and far better models created by Bandai based on the Saint Seiya (here better known as Les Chevaliers de Zodiaque) anime series. I was about 8 years old when I started watching that on Club Dorothee, and 25 years down the road, it still gets new chapters and I`m still enjoying them big time.

There used to be a smaller scale range of models about 20 to 10 years ago... and they where horrible. On this first instalment, I placed one of the latter (and that means even better then they used to be) models alongside the Myth cloth... and the difference is more then obvious.

So to kick of the series, the first saint is the Gold saint of the Cancer constellation, the violent and sadistic Deathmask, by far the most `evil` of all the gold saints of Athena.

Why him? Because my sign is Cancer as well. Not to proud of it for this character, but salvation has been served with Manigoldo of the Lost Canvas series, the 18th century gold saint. Watch the series, you`ll love that character!

But back to Deathmask. I posed the model in his signature move of summoning the Underworld Precipiece Waves, that transports him and his opponent to hell, an area in which the Cancer saint holds dominion. This is based on the fact that `the Great Crab` in far eastern mythology is the guardian of the road to the Underworld.

The model is a very nice match, and came with even the extra armour pieces (in his first appearance, it was a small bit bulkier on the front of the chest) but I left those off the model. All Gold saints also come with the distinct white cloak, adding a certain royal feel to the 12 most elite warriors of Athena`s 88 saints.

All pieces fitted smoothly and stay on, not the problem of the old range that gravity sometimes was way to strong for the bulkier metal pieces of the models. This model has the traditional pieces in metal, namely the chest, robe, underlegs and front arm pieces, the others being in plastic.
The Myth range also has detachable feet and hands, allowing for fully `closed` pieces as you can slide them over the appendages and then lock them in place with the detachable parts. Same for the headpieces, the models have an option for with or without the helmets.

My end rating: the model is accurate to the anime series, and it is well, `my` zodiac sign, I`m going for a 4 out of 5 and a worthy addition to those collecting the gold saints, or myth clothes in general, and why not even for people just looking for a nice model in their cabinets and are Cancers as well.

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