maandag 6 februari 2012

Captain`s Log: Stardate 06022012

Rumours are abound of a return of the so-called `2800`. Starfleet Command has given us orders to patrol the various expanses around the Federation, and look for any clues about these aliens' return. So far a sensor sweep of the Delta Volanis cluster yielded no results, but we keep looking out for them and their possible return. I guess we have received this assignment as a result of my previous experiences with the Changeling called Laas when we tracked him down while trying to establish a new Great Link in the Alpha Quadrant.

In the meantime though, we managed to get ourselves in a first contact situation with a strange race called the Sennagu. This lifeform exists as a sort of `viral cloud`, and took over the native population by accident millenia ago. This resulted in the closing down of the original species brain functions, rendering them in effect to slaves of the Sennagu.
This is however, or better was, a completely unforseen result, and their ambassador has made the promise that they will work together with the Federation to look for a possible solution to the issue.


It seems in order to appoint Mr Yoris Prell to the position of Department Head for Tactical, so I can free up T`jell Varess for her duties of First Officer.


A commendation should go out to crewmembers Parron, sato and Ridpath for organising a concert aboard the Procyon. Though the music was, errm, rather `special` it did do wonders for the moral of the crew.

Our next stop will take us briefly to Deep Space Nine, where the auxilliary vessel for the Procyon, the Captain`s Yacht USS Ice Kraken, has been retrofitted and is ready for use.

Captain Vongalazthag, USS Procyon

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