zaterdag 11 februari 2012

Project Insanity week 5: Battle of the Kindreds!!!

Sunday is the big day, so I needed to get the army out for an outing at least once. I asked long time collegue clubmember Albert, our resident Dwarf, for a battle tonight, and he happily agreed to fight his brethren.

Well, it turned out we actually managed to play two games, as the first one, now labelled in my book as `the warm up` was a disaster. In turn 2 my blunderbusses failed a Panic test, ran and took the guncrew AND the huge warrior block with them, and in the end I yielded in less then an hour as I was surrounded and only the warriors rallied.

I had to take, over the two battles, 9 leadership tests in total. I flunked 7 of them, so far leadership 9 and 10...

Battle two I took the lessons learned, deployed deeper and let him come to me, while the earthshaker fired from maximum range shells into his ranks. The Hellsmith accompanying the gun was the man of the match, saving me from Misfire and the resultant eaten crew.

The K`daai on the other hand are for me personally, and my playing style, now officially the crap unit of the Legion list. As soon as those 40 Hobgoblins are painted up, they`ll be on shelf guard duty thank you very much. They did nothing but get shot to bits or burn themselves up, only achieveing the `what are those?` questions of looker by`s.

I put more then a fight in the second game, my Earthshaker molesting his lines as did my level 2 with his lore of Metal Searing Doom. But it was in the last turn that luck had it, as a scattered shot landed in the huge block of dwarfs with the general and such, and even though it had already lost some of it`s number to the gun before, it got decimated... and turned tail and ran. Under 25% he couldn`t get them rallied as he rolled a 6 or so, and to add injury to shame his cannon, which so far had survived TWO direct hits from the earthshaker... decided to blow itself up.

Not to shabby, I wonder how I`m gonna fare sunday, but with now one loss and one win, I feel rather confident of not being slammed from corner to corner at least...

... though this Sorcerer-Prophet still had some issues to settle with that Runelord

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  1. Love that pic of you and Albert!

    I think I'll drop by on sunday, maybe catch a Chaos Dwarf vs Night Goblin horde battle ;-)