woensdag 8 februari 2012

Dark Ascension Launch Weekend

So the past weekend I`ve been playing a lot of Magic the Gathering, as the new set has officially been released last friday.

The first was on the friday at Jeugdhuis Ojé in Deurne. The set there was with 6 boosters pure dark Ascension, Sealed format with no pool exchange. I managed to build a decent blue white token and spirit deck, with the Requiem Angel and a lot of human tokens.
It went decent enough, but the last two battles I was outdecked as first I opposed a green deck with 3 Increasing Savagery`s, and the last opponent sported 4 Mythics on 6 boosters!!!

Still, 8 Planeswalker points where gathered as I scored a 2 - 3 - 0 result and ended 15th out of 24 players

The second one was more frustrating on the sunday. It was a 3 Innistrad / 3 Dark Ascension Sealed, and my initial pool had nice whites like Increasing Devotion and a couple decent rares. However, this was with pool switch, and I ended up with the crappiest pool imaginable. The rares had 2 lands (Wolf Run and Drwonyard), and even though I also had 2 Immerwolves, I only totalled 3 other (were)wolves, of which 2 where the new manatapper. No option to deck build on that.
Then I had 2 Curse rares, the new white and the new black, but no other curses to build a curse deck... Only decent Rare I got was a FOIL Beguiler of Wills (excellent for my collection) which did manage to steal some creatures and won me round 4 on it`s own, but I had to settle with a cobbled together more or less flying brigade of whites and blues, with a bit of draw and a bit of `locking` like Burden of Guilt and Claustrophobia.

It was a crap pool, and I am in the end very happy (and amazed in myself) that I still managed to get a 2 - 4 - 0 result in for 9 Planeswalker points, resulting in a 22 out of 33 placing.

The promocard for the launch event was this one btw:

It seems I have found my `level` I`m at for the moment, totalling about 2 wins average. I guess that would mae me the second half of the League tables if we translate it to soccer terms, on the safe spots above relegation. Not to shabby for only 6 months of back into the game... ancient knowledge still seems to count for something at least in deck building ;)

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