zaterdag 4 februari 2012

Stardate 04022012

It`s been more then a year. A frustrating year of pounding my heels, sitting grounded in Defteri space as I await news from Starfleet. But suddenly, two weeks ago, it was for some reason urgent that me and my crew would be returned to Earth Spacedock...

But finally it has arrived, I have been granted a new vessel... but first, let me tell you about the old friend that I lost.

The USS Lyntaria was a small and elegant gem. A member of the Nova class lineage, which replaced the venerable Oberth in the midst 24th century. She is a survivor, as the records of the late Admiral Janeway showed us what the little Equinox managed to achieve in the Delta Quadrant.

And she was my first command, as we set out to scour the inner regions of the Federation on various survey missions, and she held her own in battles when raiders from the various enemy factions tried to score an easy win.

Until the day we where called to Deep Space Nine. We where ordered to join a task force to investigate a Borg invasion, and the Lyntaria was to provide sensor support to the battle vessels.

It all went down the drain as soon as the Borg supercube appeared, and the Lyntaria was as good as destroyed, limping back to Defteri space after being sucked into a transwarp channel. She wasn`t worth a thing anymore, to heavily damaged to repair and Starfleet ordered her to be scrapped. And me and my crew, we had to wait for a new command or a passing vessel to pick us up.

But now the time has come. My new vessel is a thing of beauty, much larger then feisty little Nova vessel. This is the next generation of science vessels, the Luna class.

We have taken her out of Spacedock, and are now giving her her shakedown cruise.

As a legend of Starfleet from over two centuries ago used to say:

`Second star to the right... and straight on `till tomorrow`

Captain Aldades Vongalazthag, USS Procyon.

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