maandag 20 februari 2012

* Closing down for Temporary Maintenance *

Well, the blogroll issues keep continueing with Blogger, so taking benefit of my forced time in the house, I deleted the current Blogroll in order to make new ones, which apparently should solve the problem.

At least that`s what they say on various other blogs...

I`m also gonna take the opprtunity to split the roll up into three rolls (well 4, but the TSA members roll I don`t count along), into Agents of History, Otaku and Fantasy respectively, depending what is featured the most on blogs. The last one, with no title, is just one standing there as a temporary list to go look and visit blogs on before adding them to the above.

Apart from those with some crazy bouncy bouncies going around like The Angry Lurker, I`ll add those where at the moment I get to them is the hotspotz ;)

This is going to take `quite some time` as I`ll have to go and sniff out most of the blogs on the old roll, hunt down the Wordpress ones as those don`t feature in the `blogs I follow` option and all, so it could look a bit chaotic in the sidebar over the comming days hehehe.

The good thing is, I`ll be silent for the next day or two, three then, and that a great bonus!!!!

BTW, feel free to post your blog`s URL`s down this post, saves me the trouble of looking around some, add fresh ones, and `kill off` dead ones (those not updated for more then like say half a year or such)...

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