woensdag 8 februari 2012

Captain`s Log Stardate 08022012

Starfleet wants me to compile and file all reports into one bundle now, and forward them weekly to Earth Headquarters. What the Fleet wants, the fleet gets. How more liberal did things seem to go back in the 22nd century, I can`t imagine legendary commanders like Shrann being bogged down in paperwork...

Something is brewing in Romulan space.

Admiral T`nae, commander of Starbase 39, has ordered us to take the Ice Kraken and investigate an old abandoned Romulan megastation, known as The Vault. We soon discovered though that it wasn`t abandoned at all, and encountered some Romulan refugees. After opening the bay doors, we soon found out The Vault was a secret weapons research station, as a Borg Sphere was chained to all kinds of devices in there.

Further in we did discover who it`s current occupiers where, namely the Remans who are constructing a Thalaron Device, highly forbidden by all the powers in the quadrant.

We managed to escape with the data, but this let us to one of the mining moons of the Hfahir system.
A Ferengi entrepreneur named Madran runs a drilling operation here, and I beamed down with Twenty-Four to investigate. This whole base turned out to be a listening post for the Romulan Tal Shiar!

We managed to free some captive Romulan miners and steal valuable data, which after decoding seems to suggest that the Tal Shiar plans an attack on a Reman base...

On a different note, we discovered a Horta in the mines, a race long forgotten but in the records of Starfleet. The mother has granted me one of her youngs to accompany us on our journeys and to get the Horta back into touch with the current universe after their self-imposed exile of nearly two centuries...


It is my sad duty to inform that crewman Morot died during an attempt to immunize a local colony against Synthococcus Novae. I will inform his family he died in the line of duty while giving everything he had to save the innocent colonists.


Following commendations have been awarded to duty officers gaining critical successes in their assigned duties

Rathjen, House for receiving Reman Dignataries
T`pher in refrequencing our shield emitters
Parron to serve as a representative to a Security briefing on the Donatu sector
Vimduk for assessing Ship Battery coolant performances
T`phev and Suik for scans on Tetryon Particle bursts
Certain for running a level 4 diagnostic of the secondary weapon coils
Saik for mapping Particle Traces
Sota for charting unstable anomalies
Grebner, Gallenstein for analyzing signatures for Residual Photonic Technology
Ovem and S`pral to scan the data streams for Exobiological data
Certain for the scheduling of Hazard System Overload exercises.

And I would also like to thank the unknown crewmember who did a bit of redecorating in the lounge and displaying proudly our Preserver Galaxy Map.

Captain Aldades Tenghza Vongalazthag, USS Procyon

Following Accolades have been added to Captain Vongalazthag`s service record

* In the Garden - for visiting and honoring the history of Starfleet
* Viceroy - for defeating 500 Romulan ground troops
* Geological Surveyor - for finding a large deposit of magnesite
* No Kil I - for re-establishing contact with the Horta
* Critical Care - for treating the wounded aboard the SS Azura

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