woensdag 22 februari 2012

Old Abe

This small piece is my most recent addition to my Union `army`, from Northstar`s Menagerie, a model of an American Eagle plunging in the water and clutching a fish in it`s talons.

Old Abe was the mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and was noted for flying over the ranks letting out a mournful cry.

And being a symbol of the Union, I just had the have one to stand along my armies in battle, now officially becomming the mascot of my force as well.

As for the 8th itself, they will join my ranks eventually, but first I really should get going on the Lead Painter`s League works, so expect the regiment later on in the spring somewhere ;)

This`ll be probably my last Blog post for a few days, as friday I`m returning to the hospital for surgery, and have no idea whatsoever about the revalidation, ability to paint etc etc etc... so see you in a few!

Ciao ciao

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