zaterdag 11 februari 2012

A Wise Lesson Learned

Today I attended a small, as it only had 6 players due to the Grand Prix Lille qualifier going on, Standard tournament at Outpost Antwerp.

It would be the first time I played the format, and the very first time I had build a deck towards the current "what`s hot and what`s not" of the new Dark Ascension set, opting for a black red white deck.

The set up was as follows: Sorin, Lord of Innistrad, a heap of vampires like the Falkenrath Aristocrats and Stormkirk Captains, and a bunch of white token spells to have stuff to `feed` the Vampires cheaply while Falkenrath Nobles fed me extra life.

It sucked big time!

I lost all three games without a chance, only managing to pilfer a single round in match up two.

In match one, I faced a mainly black zombie deck that waltz over my creatures. Match two I was poisoned to death, and match three was an awesome blue green self-milling deck that threw very big creatures out as his graveyard filled up swiftly.

Oh how I wished in matches one and three I had brought my blue zombie mill deck...

But wise lessons where learned, and I came home and immediatly `uptuned` my Mono Blue deck, created a sideboard for it, and next friday and saturday I`m going to throw it into the field of battle to learn and fine-tune it further and further.

Lessons Learned:

* Sorin, Lord of Innistrad is a wanker. He never comes out to play on top of that. (Yes, i`m carving myself a reputation of never ever getting my bomb cards in hand, let alone in game)
* Build a deck in your own personality style. For me, that would mean an annoy your opponent to hell mill deck then...
* Stick with cards you know, it`s easier to remeber potential combo`s that way. Once more, that will mean the Blues for lil` ol` moi.
* Forgive powers of Blue for having not played thee. I will ammend big time.

Luckily, due to it not being sanctioned due to the circumstances, not to much harm was done as all that was on the line is a single participation Planeswalker Point for the lifetime track anyways.
And I got a booster back for my 5 euros, the Foil Tragic Slip in it is worth more then the rare Predator Ooze anyways x-D

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  1. That's what you get for turning your back on blue ... ;-)