woensdag 16 januari 2013

A Big Step: Two Days in the Valley

Yes, I loved that movie, and not only for the Charlize Theron scene, I just like Danny Aiello.  But that isn`t relevant, I`m happy to say that I managed to sort out each and every brick in colour now, and temporary storage space has been found and freed up.

Until I have a definitive spot and more `slot boxes` to finetune the whole heap of bricks, this has to do for now, and I`m happy with the way it all turned out in the end.  So far I already `resurrected` 5 classic sets, including the small pirate ship I set out from the beginning to rebuild (more on her in a later post).

As an award to myself, I treated myself yesterday night on a `building evening` and did a few of the more modern sets, mainly from the Atlantis series and one from the Prince of Persia franchise.  I`ll be showing them all as well in due time, but for now... I`m going to start cooking before the misses gets home hehehe.

And then this evening, it`s back to sorting out things... but this time of a different kind as I`m going to be tackling more of my Magic cards and sorting them all out.

Ciao ciao

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