vrijdag 25 januari 2013

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Poseidon

Continuing with the Atlantis item of yesterday, here is one more thing of the legend of the Sunken City-State.

Julian Solo, Poseidon, Lord of the Oceans.

In the Saint Seiya storyline, this is the second enemy of the Saints of Athena in the manga, the third one in the anime series as the Asgard story line is set between Sanctuary and Poseidon there.  As the machinations of Gemini Saga's twin brother, Kanon, are set in motion, Julian Solo becomes the vessel to carry the essence of the God of the Oceans and is awakened a century to early.  Athena, knowing that Hades is at the brink of re-awakening, can`t permit the left over Gold Saints from the Sanctuary battle to fight the battle, as this might result in the loss of more of her elite warriors, allows the bronze saints to fight in their place.

Not to the liking of Golden Leo Saint Aiolia, but the bronze saints get silent support from Dohko of Libra who grants them the use of his cloths weapons to destroy the pillars of the Marina generals.

As the gold saints work their way past the Marina generals, they face off against the God, and manage eventually to defeat him thanks to aid of their masters and their golden cloths of Saggitarius, Libra and Aquarius, and the human shield provided by Shun, Ikki and Shaina.

Poseidon is defeated eventually and his essence re-sealed in an urn, but he re-awakens briefly in the Hades story arc when his mighty cosmo sends 5 golden cloths, granting Shun the Virgo and Ikki the Leo cloth, across the time and space dimensions to aid the bronze saints in their battle in Elysium versus the twin gods Hypnos and Thanatos.

Now assembling the cloth has no challenge at all, as the object mode is a man standing tall holding his spear.  Still, the model is well detailed and the face and hair, tricky points in any miniature, are well executed.  The model has a certain regal grandeur to it, like any of the God models I have in my possession so far, though it is FAR less intricate and complex then the Hypnos and Hades cloths.

I really like the model, even though I`m not to great on the whole Atlantis series of cloths, some are lovely, some rather bleugh, and as said to infinity I love the Gold Saints and the Asgard God Warriors the best in designs.

Still, he isn`t to expensive (this is the regular cloth, not the Royal Edition collector series) so it`s definitly worth it to snatch one of the internet if you can.

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