dinsdag 8 januari 2013

Caverns of Nathuz after action report 1

Deep inside the Caverns of Nathuz, the Golem Lord has discovered an ancient artifact and is using it to create his own army of monsters.  You must fight your way into the caves, but can you recover the Sceptre of Summoning?

Tonight we tried the second set of the Lego Heroica series family game, estimated at a playtime of around 15 minutes and compared to Draida Bay this one is for 3 players.  The new hero in the fold is the Thief, who's special ability is to steal gold when he defeats monsters with his Melee ability.

The set also introduces the Trade Post, where you can exchange gold for weapons that copy the abilities of other heroes in the sets, and treasure chests that can contain gold or traps.

For the first run of the game, the board was set up as the race to get the Sceptre, and didn't include the Golem Lord himself, that will be for the next time we play the game.  I took command of the Thief (black), the Little Munchkin took control again of the Wizard (red) and the GF took the Barbarian (yellow), hence known as Slaughterhouse.

The Barbarian and the Wizard went for the central route, bypassing and ignoring all treasure for the most part.  The Barbarian slaughtered his way through the dungeon, taking down a truckload of bats and golems, only to fall to zero hit points in the fight with the last Golem.

This openened an opportunity for the wizard to pass by the recuperating Barbarian and grab the Sceptre, winning the game.  Two games played, two victories for the Little Munchkin so far.

And the Thief?  He had taken the southern route and missed most of the game being stuck behind rocks and ending in last place, as he collected far less points then Slaughterhouse the GF on his way to the objective room.

Next time it will be the version with the Golem Lord, before moving on to the other sets and in the end the grand finale adventure.

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