woensdag 16 januari 2013

Turn A Gundam - BSL round 2

The second round, and another well deserved loss.  I personally adore Blue in VT`s painting style, check out his blog for one, but not when I`m paired up against him.

He is just to good for my skills, and I can perfectly live with the defeat.

It is a bit pity though that I`m not going to be able to make a fresh entry for round 3, with the pre-release and release weekends comming up, and I want to be armed as good as I can for the GP London as I can, otherwise it wouldn`t have been the deal to travel there in the first place.  So i`m spending the comming free time in weekends to battle it out at the card table and not behind the painting desk.

Still, at least I now have some painted mobile suits of perhaps the strangest of all the Gundam franchise series, the basic suits look `odd`, the Gundam has a mustache, and the setting is what looks like the Interbellum but turns out to be aeons after the high tech settings of previous series.  Complicated story, go watch it and you will have a smile on your face with this series.

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