dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Platinum 5: Kung Fu Panda 2

Okay, so I scored my 5th Platinum Playstation Trophy.

What can I say about this game?  One word: AVOID

The game is utter crap, boring and I'm very 'bleugh' I spend 16 euros on this rubbish.  The game play is hackily, the graphics look like a bad Playstation 2 game, it's full of glitches like items falling through floors, enemies staying stuck in the walls and it is bloody short.

If you look for a fun game based on a funny movie, look somewhere else, because this one ain't worth the money nor the time invested in it.

The game is in the same style like games such as Mini Ninjas, but worse in that you have a few levels (aka, 3 short storylines and a final boss).  If you want a fun little game that doesn't take 100+ hours to finish, look to the first Dak and Jaxter game for example.  Way better graphics wise, and that is an HD upgraded PS2 game... 'nuff said.

I have the platinum, but like hell did I have fun with the game, it was frustrating to collect the items and a long grind in pushing through it.

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