zaterdag 12 januari 2013

May the Brick be With You: Rebel Fighters

Build some Star Wars rebel fighters today.  With the munchkin having a few of them, I could not stay behind of course, but I wanted to build the sets of 'my' Star Wars from when I was young.

That is the Luke-era thank you, yes I'm an eighties kid ;-)

First one build today was the A-Wing.  These small interceptors come with additional figures of Admiral Akbar and Han Solo, a quick and easy build, but a great model none the less.

And it is the unfortunate bugger piloting the vessel that crashed in the Star Destroyers bridge above the forest moon of Endor, as his onboard computer reveals us...

Second is the venerable X-Wing of Luke Skywalker and R2-D2.  A superb model and the wings actually fold into attack position due to Technic parts.

Small point of critique or warning though, if your kid isn't used to building Lego's, this box, rated 8-14 years isn't the most ideal gift, it is a rather complex build as it contains a lot of mechanics to make the wings work, and that then gets covered up bu the exterior hull.

It also comes with minifigs for 'Red Leader' Jek Porkins and his droid R5-D8 and then you have to add an extra small white brick with red marking on each wing to indicate the rank and identification of the variant fighter.  Nice detail attention if you ask me.

But if your a Star Wars fan or a Lego love... buy this one peeps, it is a very elegant and nifty model, with great inner workings!

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