maandag 14 januari 2013

A Big Step

The start today of a week off from work, and the plan is simple.  With the Lego virus nibbling back on my sanity (using the Little Munchkin and my little cousins as an excuse) I finally took the step to sort out all my old Lego bricks that have been in moving boxes in the garage.  For like 20 years now.  So there are a lot of old jewels in there, no instructions though anymore but only my mind to try and remember more or less which of the bigger sets I had.

So today, a night through and the better part of tomorrow morning will be spend on sorting out the old bricks.  At the moment I`m filtering out all the transparent parts and all the minifigs and equipment, before going over to coloursorting all the bricks on well, erm, color and main types (basic bricks, flat bricks, plates, others...)

After that I`m especcially going to look for the bricks to build the following models, as I`m 100% sure I had those waaaay back (amongst many others) as a start.

After that the hardest part... making storage space available for all the build models with trying to sell off more of my wargame figures, which means I first have to sort them all out lol.

Sorting... the never ending vicious cycle...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow theres some serious classics amongst those.

  2. Yeap, the benefit of not throwing stuff out for 20 odd years hehehe ;-)