donderdag 10 januari 2013

Lego Pharao`s Quest

Today I finally build my Sphinx from the Pharao`s Quest series of Lego Adventurers while visiting my mom and having chitchats of things like planning marriage, educating a kid, future career plans and more of that sort.

Yes, we have those talks in strange ways, my mom watching some soap opera`s and me building lego sets, but we`re in a room adjacent to each other and can talk open and non-forced that way.  It`s something that has been that way since well, I was a kid, and never change a winning team they say.

I bought the box a few weeks ago in a discount action of the local Bart Smit toystore, and I really like the whole setting.  I admit that in the whole `non-franchise` of the modern day lego settings, the Pharao`s Quest series ranks as my number 2.  I mean, it has mummies and an Indiana Jones feel.  Witout being the actual Indiana Jones lego series. 

My top series of the non-franchise ones must be the Oriental Adventurers series, I really love those, and the third place should probably go to the Atlantis series, but I`ll show pictures of the kits I have from those series when I get around building them.

So mummies it is then, these are the two sets I have of the series and build now, the Scarab Attack and the Sphinx set:

The Sphinx is pretty big and can upright itself to a walking position, with a tomb that can `explode open` to reveal a mysterious golden sceptre...

And the 1930s car is just sheer awesomeness...

`Till the next build, ciao ciao

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