woensdag 10 april 2013

A whole lot of bricks

Today a compilation post of all kinds of Lego sets I acquired in the past weeks, from the most various kinds.

First up is a special set, the Star Wars `Clones versus Droidekas`.  When my girlfriend went to France on holiday last week with her family and the munchkin, unfortunatly to Normandy, which a wargamer / history geek like me finds a shame I couldn`t join, she brought along the normal kitschery souvenirs for the homestayers like bells and all.  Bar for me, she brought along a nifty little Star Wars set.

The Droidekas especcially are well done little kits, while the clone troopers command a small grav vehicle whom`s antenna can plop down to become a missile launcher.

Secondly, I would like to point out to all AFOL`s in Belgium that might be following this blog, that WIBRA (kind off a cheap ass dumping store chain) currently hosts a whole series of the Pharaoh`s Quest models, namely the Scarab (3 euros), this set (8 euros) and the large Sphinx (25 euros, about half of how much it costs if you still find it in a toy store!!!).

I always liked the Pharaoh`s line, being a bit of non Indiana Jones sets with a lot of the brownish and beige bricks in them, I`m even tempted to get me a few extra Sphinxes for the bricks alone as I already have the set.  Unfortunatly, neither the Cobra or the Scorpion Temple are amongst them in the stores, the only two sets I`m still missing.

I also acquired the `promo polybag` set from the Heroica games.  I didn1t even know those existed, until I found it in Canada through Bricklink.

The little set contains just an orc general and warrior guarding a tent (it would perhaps have been better if it at least had contained an adventurer, but bon), a magic potion and the dagger equipment.  I think it is best used `attached` to the Draida bay set, which it shares the most likeliness with.

Up next, the top line (and according to Lego, that was a bit unexpected) of sales in 2012, the Monster Fighters Vampire Hearse.  I liked the look of the series, but bar this cool deadguy`s ride of the Vampire and the Ghost train, it didn`t was a series I `wanted` to have complete.

The final new kit, is the Ostrich Race from Prince of Persia.  I actually liked the movie, enjoy the games as an `in-betweener` when in a gaming marathon modus and the set is cute with the ostriches. 

Surely not their worst license kit set, but not to say I`d like to have more of them, one is good enough for the display of the collection.

The very final word goes to this minifigs model (not sure anymore what series it was from), now I have someone to stand guard before my Architect series Big Ben I brought back from London...

Until next time!!!

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