dinsdag 23 april 2013

The farce that was my WMCQ

WMCQ... the World Magic Cup Qualifiers.  You have a whole year to play towards, in the case of Belgium, the minimum limit of 300 Planeswalker Points .  Then your allowed to play in this event, which has a nice x5 PP modifier.

It is the cullimination of a yearly effort, and in Belgium, about 320 people had reached the limit.  There where to be 3 Qualifiers in the country (Liege, Antwerp and Brussels) and I went to the Antwerp one past weekend, full of good hopes that my Rakdos / Red Aggro hybrid would make a good show to end around the upper midfield.
It's the kind of deck that goes off or not, but when it starts going, it can burn and hit rather fast.

I also resorted to voodoo, because I really love the top-8 playmat with the fireball toting Chandra, and so I offered innocent souls of deadborn polynesian mudfrogs to Joo-Boo, in order that
1. I wouldn't face too many Thragtusks, the cow really has it on my nerves and is the bane of my deck
2. My opponents would have the necessary mana flows and screws to sneak a winning round in left or right in that way.

It went severly wrong with the fickle Voodoo god though.  I was plagued all day by mana and colorscrews myself, and (as I kept count for sport), faced no less then 17 Thragtusks spread over 4 opponents.

The 'top of the case' was even when in my 6th round, I was able to, at 1-1 in rounds, Slaughtergame BOTH Thragtusk and Sphinx Revelation when he was at 4 life.  I had a Cackler out at that point, which he Abrubt Decayed.  I was at 20 life still... and lost.  Mountain after mountain after painland turned up, no burn, no beast to be seen.

It was going so well, that going to round 7, at least there where only an uneven number of players left and I got the bye for being in the cellar.  I reallly had expected the way the day was turning out I would have to face yet another band of the green beasts.

So the poor end result was 1 win, 1 bye and 5 losses, good for 6 points and an 84th place on 107 players... oh well, chin up old bloke, with the 50 points I gained even this way, I'm on the road to revenge next year.

To top the karma off, my favorite soccer team went down 4-1 in Lokeren, killing the last title ambition chances, and Ferrari had an off day in Bahrein...

Now, with Dragon's Maze arriving at the end of this week, I'm going to be doing some tweaks to my deck and go in 'deeper' into the Rakdos part, sacrificing some 'weenie speed' for extra body.

The first change will be replacing 4 of my 12 mountains with Swamps to handle the heavier need of black mana, and 2 more for Rogues Passage's, because I'm going to include 1 or 2 Master of Cruelties.  The unblocked ability this bloke has is nice, but the deathtouch blocker might prove handy late game.  I'm also going to run at least 1 Exava the Blood Witch to boost my unleashers with haste, and definitly going to run 4 of the new B/R drop 3/1 haste goblins.

Cards on the cutting list are the 4 Stromkirk Nobles, they are great guys, but in the current meta there aren't that much humans around that aren't able to burn him down when he is 2/2 or 3/3 to attack in turn 2 or 3.  I prefer the one drop Cackler at the moment over the noble.  Two of the 4 Reckoners will get cut as well (for now, I'll see how the manabase and curve will handle it all), as will the lone Guttersnipe hiding in my deck.
The Lightning Maulers are in the balance at the moment, depending again how well the base / curve goes with the Exava.  Decisions, decisions, but I figure it might be better to already get a hang off a 'pure' Rakdos deck already in order to be prepared when the Innistrad block cycles out, taking over half my current deck with it... even though that will cost me a lot of points to get the hang off the revised playstyle and timings.

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