vrijdag 12 april 2013

Cutting Losses

Okay, once in a while, one has to admit defeat in some of his megalomaniac ideas.

Last year, I decided to give a hand to sculpting scenery for 6mm gaming, the first creation being a small fantasy style hut and have it casted up to a 1000 copies.

The general idea was to have those huts in the Crisis 2012 free goodie bags... and I then completely forgot to arrange something with the club board to have them in there.  This results now in me being here surrounded by about 1000 of those little buggers, taking up a humongous lot of space and not being used for anything at all, nor having the prospect of going to be used sometime in the foresee-able future (let's say, at least not until 2027 or so).

So instead of tossing them onto the garbage can, if anyone wants them, he can just have them and do with them what they want, the only thing I'm keeping is the painted one and the original green, as a kind of memento in this venue of wargames.

If you want them, you can either pick them up from my door, or I can send them to you, but mind you shipping expenses ARE at your cost and would come down to around 50 euros within europe, 65 worldwide + 5 euros for registred mail (which I always use on parcels this size).  They are in resin, so not TO heavy to send.

So if anyone wants to have about 1000 scenery pieces for free, drop me a reply down here or send me an e-mail.

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