zondag 28 april 2013

The Playstation Challenge part 4 of 12

So here we are again, fresh from the Antwerp Convention fantasy fair (check back here tomorrow evening for pictures and brabblings) with the traditional last sunday of the month oversight of the Playstation challenge.

And is only a draw at the moment by 30 points, so I guess we can safely say that Andy has handed out another uppercut, as he gained a few thousands points again for the second month running.  Are you using walkthroughs or USB save games lad? ;-)

Seriously though, this was as predicted last month, and to top it off all, I started painting again (a little bit, I did 8 figures this year, all in the past month), combined with a couple magic events, the evercontinuing trying to clear out all my wargame models and of course the lass requiring attention, and that all resulted that I didn't get to play and finish what I liked. Oh well, I can aim for that X-Men Destiny platinum then perhaps next month?

Anyhow, here are the standings for this month... or in my mind set, tap black, tap red and tap 4 uncoloured mana, and it feels like I had my Slaughter Games reflected back at me.

Last update: 28st of April 2013


Points: 34.905 +2.265 points
Level: 14 - 36% +28%

Platinum Trophies: 7 + 0
Gold Trophies:70 + 6
Silver Trophies: 298 + 20
Bronze Trophies: 1227 + 75

Games played: 228 + 8
Games Beaten: 27 + 2


Points: 43.845 + 3.360 points
Level: 15 - 48% + 42%

Platinum Trophies: 13 + 5
Gold Trophies: 114 + 11
Silver Trophies: 327 + 12
Bronze Trophies: 1429 + 90

Games played: 188 + 25
Games Beaten: 21 + 2

This means Andy starts the year with a lead of 8670 points, currently the gap is 8970 (DRAW)

As you can see, apart from the silver trophies, I got beaten over the whole line, even games acquired and played.  And 5 vs 0 platinums is an immense 600 point bonus gap.

It seems I'm going to need a plan to try and reverse the fortunes a bit the comming month, where it not that my professional contract is ending half way in May and I have to do a lot of paperwork to go back to school, am spending a lot of time playing non supported games (Saint Seiya on PSP for one) or playing immense storyline trophy ones (Ni No Kuni) so I fear it will be more another month of damage control for me.  And my team is still as apathic as a cow watching the high speed train going by for the first time...

I can only pray to Athena the team gets moving again, if not the contest can be run in the comming two months and I'll be groping and grabbling in an uphill battle to salvage the last bit of decency that can be gained.  But first the goal set for this year, get to level 15 on the rankings and see from there.

So let's end with the traditional numbers, the international and national rankings.

Currently YGC is tracking 1.278.616 profiles, resulting in Andy placing 76.102 worldwide and 1.087 national ranked.  Compared to that, I'm only 110.131th worldwide, which in turn is good for a 1.506th spot in Belgium.

Improvement is definitly needed it seems... hopefully next month as now it stands 2 - 2 in monthly victories...

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