donderdag 18 april 2013

Saint Seiya Gadget Week: Deathmask Time

Let's face it, Deathmask is a cool bloke.  He is one of the evilest of the Gold saints, knowing the truth about Saga and the Grand Pope.  And he doesn`t care one bit about it, reasoning that in order to protect the world, the strongest must survive... at the expense of the innocents.

He also controls the powers to travel to and for the realm of the dead, making him one of the strongest Gold Saint cloths.  Albeit this doesn`t seem to come to the fore really well in the original Sanctuary Arc, it is proven otherwise in The Lost Canvas.  Here both Manigoldo and Sage where Cancer saints, and Manigoldo was the only Saint so far in recorded `history` off all maga`s to be able to physically hit a god.  Just good old right hook to the face...

In the Hades arc, it is revealed that both Deathmask and Aphrodite (the Pisces saint) where loyal to Athena after all in the end.  Choosing unlife not for their personal glory, they both where send to assassinate Pandora, a plot only stopped by the fact the barrier reduced their powers to a tenth and then having to face Rhadamantys, he ressurected a final time to lend his powers at the Wailing Wall.

The gadgets I got from him are a cool key-chain of the Pandora box front of the golden cloth, and a mouse mat depicting him in chibi style while wearing the Cancer surplice as one of Hades's Specters.

Great little additions to my merchandise collection, I`m especcially font of the keychain, in such a manner I`m not getting it out of the packaging to prevent it getting damaged by, for example, my keys x-D...

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