woensdag 17 april 2013

Saint Seiya Gadget Week: enamel pins full set

For the third instalment, I'm presenting the full series of enamel pins.  They come in black 'blind bags' inside a gashapon (round capsules) and I managed to get enough of the capsule toys to get the full series of all 10 pins collectively forming the 9 piece series.

Wait, what, how do you mean 10 to form 9?

Well, the japanese are quit fond of making every series of capsule toys come with a 'top secret ultra rare chase model' (which in all honesty, isn't so SUPER rare, more like a normal rarity of your average card game) which, if your lucky, is shown on the small flyers comming with all the toy series.  In black silhouette.

This pin series doesn't have that, but the chase figure is an alternate colouring (hair and eyes) of Saga of Gemini in his evil possessed mode.

I grabbed myself 20 of the balls, and that was enough to have the whole series plus the chaser, and the balls are picked / dropped at random, so nice way to go :-)

The set contains of 'chibi' versions of the bronze saints Seiya and Shiryu, and the goldies Mu, Aldebaran, Saga, Deathmask, Aioria, Shaka and Dohko, in addition to 'evil' Saga.

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