vrijdag 19 april 2013

Saint Seiya Gadget Week: investing in classics

Okay, so to round of this small mini-series, let`s talk about karma and the curse it carries with it. 

In the eons before I got my PS3, I had a PS2, but never could find the Saint Seiya games for it released in europe (in those days, the PS was regio semi-locked, thank the heavens the 3 solved this).  So I finally sold of my good old PS2 about two years ago... and guess what my local Game Mania had lying around at the beginning of this week?

Indeed, the Hades chapter PS2 game.  I bought it, it was only 8 euros after all, and now I`m looking around for a dump price PS2 somewhere in the not so near future.

But there is more, you devilish Sony!  I had to buy a PSP, so in that said Game Mania I brought one home together with a memory card.  Why?  You have a Vita!

Yes, indeed, but now there is a new Saint Seiya game on the market, an Omega game set in the battle vs Poseidon, and guess to which console that has been only released?  And guess whose account doesn`t allow for japanese PSN store downloads due to being a european account?

So I`ve ordered the game now from Play Asia (check that site out if your looking for asian import games!!!) and the Saint Seiya Omega - Ultimate Cosmo is en route as we speak by air mail (together with the SEED Destiny Gundam game for the Vita for that matter).

So yes, this nice white PSP Street Version has been an investment for a more happily life of Saint Seiya gamingness... pity PSP isn`t trophy supported nor internetty (bar through USB).

As a finale to the series, here is the revealing of my NEXT Saint Seiya tattoo, which will be april 2014 as the appointment has already been made at Krijos where I had my Hyoga tattoo placed earlier this week.

Next time when I`ll do a five parter mini series, it`ll be about women in fantasy that I`d date, but for now back to the closets and the junk rumbling...

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