zondag 21 april 2013

Everyone's favorite robot: walking with style

The GF want to get to the city 'fast' yesterday because she needed some shoes.  And we needed a camcorder for all those home made po... I mean, family events like conventions, holidays and such.

So by then 6 hours later I was staring in the FANS store at the gothic pants and (more importantly) the toy merchandise they had there of Marvel, Doctor Who, Star Wars... there was even a discovery for my part, sets of Mega Blocks (kind off 'not Lego') of World of Warcraft.

And they also sold this...

... which is now standing on my table giving commentaries on my morning look, on how I have slept to little and have to go play the World Magic Cup Qualifiers in style within a good hour, and whistling and beeping in what I suspect is sheer annoyance to irritate me...

But at least now, I can go outside carrying the feistiest backpack of the feistiest droid ever made :-)

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