woensdag 3 april 2013

Recommended Anime: OZMA

Yes, it seems based on Dune.  Yes it is a small series of only six episodes.  Yes it is worth to have a look at it...
Plot Summary: In an endless desert without a speck of greenery, Sam Coyne rides a motor bike, looking for something, when he sees a girl being chased by seemingly-hostile ships. Sam saves the girl, whose name is Maya, who might actually not be a criminal on the run, but royalty... Before returning to the safety of his group's base, he sees a giant monster rise out of the sand. It's the monster who is his brother's enemy... The sand whale Ozma.
OZMA, which is the stylised title for the miniseries Ozuma, was a 6 part mini series produced as the 20th anniversary project for japanese TV broadcaster WOWOW.  
The series is a very well drawn and animated jewel, BUT it might be irritating if you don`t like the `willowy` character designs like they also appear in for example Code Geass.  I for one always need some time to adapt to that particular style, but if you `get over` that, your left with an intricate tale of on the one hand a man`s only personal deamons versus the larger good of the group, versus perhaps troubles involving nations in which he has stumbled into.
The downside of the series for me personally was the final episode revealing how all things are woven into each other, and more specifically, it makes such a large jump that at first you go `OH WOW` only to start thinking about it afterwards and leave you with some kind of unfulfilledness.
But it is a great watch, and with the episodes being in OVA format at around 45mins a piece, it is a good afternoon spend, and do-able to have a go at it in a all in one go marathon.
Watch it, it might not be the very best out there, but it is highly enjoyable, I would rate it around the 70 to 75% mark. 

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