vrijdag 7 juni 2019

Confessions of a Wargamer Butterfly

Okay, I admit, I'm a wargamer butterfly.  Or a squirrel.

The term generally means in the hobby "someone that darts from game to game", but now at the half year mark, I found my niche: MESBG.

You could read about that during the past year, and how me and Noshi enjoy gaming that system against each other, and hopefully expand it either in the club, or at least with some games in our new home once it is all finished.

But that also brings with it, a new sereen feeling of stability.  And a dedicated time schedule in which I migh actually get back to a regular paint schedule of perhaps even as simple as an hour a day (most of the days), which will mean my collections will steadily grow as I get round.  Noshi can re-emerge herself in her biggest passion, being online MMO's, but I doubt I myself will be spending much time on that.

You see, during all these months leading up to the restoration and moving in in the new place, I have been parting with a lot of figures, but also found some old treasures which in hindsight, I decided to keep.

I have been updating my "Armies" tab (see above on this blog) accordingly with everything I COULD field if I wanted to in game system wise, even though I haven't painted a lot of it (aka the majority) in any way.  But next year, starting with the Analogue edition X, I want to bring change to that, by slowly working through it all and star filling up all those empty listings.

All the while rotating with the mountain of LOTR models I have.

Now, I know quite a lot of those games aren't played at TSA at all, or only sporadically, but enter the lovely tool of T3, which list a lot of tournaments.  And in the coming years, I am going to be willing to travel for those, even though in all honesty it will be the nearby ones like Belgium, the Netherlands, or the "fringes" of Germany and France for example.  because I am a train person, lacking a driver's license.  As such, I'll be building "tournament sized", albeit not per se competitive but rather with models I like, forces for those systems.

And of course, I have my beloved who is always in for some gaming as well, so to that end if I have two forces of certain systems, I can host a game at our place as well if it is a skirmish sized game.

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