zondag 16 juni 2019

The Haul Report 185

Hey all and here we are with a bunch of stuff that arrived this week...

Starting off, I used my nearly expiring Archonia points to order the first two novels of one of the best anime's I saw in years.

Unfortunatly the series never gotten it's season 2 (so far, it is picking up more and more fans over the past years, so who knows), that means I'll be down to the novels and the manga's to find out how the story continues...

Dropping in from eBay where two more figures for my LOTR, in the form of a Barrowwight and a Dead Marsh Spectre.

Remember the Spikey Bitz aniverssary I won a few weeks ago?  Well, the Secret Armoury weathering set arrived this week!

And I managed to obtain some more Saint Seiya bottlecap figures for painting.  I already have Thetis all painted up, but the other ones are something I`m looking forward to to paint...

While from Aliexpress another Saint Seiya cover came in the mail for my smartphone.

Quite an impressive week if you ask me!

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