zaterdag 22 juni 2019

On the Painting Desk 99

The last week before this weekly column will hit it's three numbers anniversary!

And it has been a very good week actually, because I managed to get some paint evenings in the past week.

This resulted in the Dystopian corvette being finished, whom you could see earlier this week on this blog.

But that was not all, the Rohirrim to make up my battlecompany have gotten some very good progress, as did the Uncharted Seas Destroyers, and I estimate they might all be finished in the coming week perhaps.  I only need to be able to squeeze in an hour on each of them...

I also worked on the 6mm Razorbacks, in order to get them ready for a game soon, though I'm not sure I will actually get them all rounded out for the battle next friday, but definitly for future engagements afterwards.

And my T'au commander has received the first lovings as well...

Not to bad at all!

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