woensdag 5 juni 2019

The Keys to Paradise

Even though in the first months, I'll probably be more then likely cursing as renovations go around...

But here they are, the keys to the new place, and a small tour of the place.

The ballroom aka living room

The kitchen... and how she looked after the first trashing part...

The master bedroom

The dressing room, and the floors afterwards that have been removed already

Sanitorial relaxation rooms, depending who of us you ask...

And all this connected by a big hallway with a lot of build in closets for storage... yeas, that is my bag for work as well... I'm a colourful figure x-D

It also has two terraces, one in the front which has all day sunshine, and another at the back perfect for a grill place...

And this is the mancave room, which will be styled in a sort of Anime-decorated based room.  Now of course, this being a hobby blog, and the purpose of this post being to reflect on the effects for the blog for the coming months.

Well, obviously of course the amount of battle reports will be going down a little, as will the TSA clubnight posts.  This is due to the fact that if I can get one free friday to go to the club, it will be 'much', as that will be the fridays Noshi has her Heroquest game sessions.  However, I can't say yet what I will be playing then, because I have the League that I am in, but also the FWC mini campaign with Nemesis and the Dux "finale".

On the other hand, I do have normally two Lord of the Rings tournaments lined up in the second half of the year, so that will be a nice "off steaming" event as well.  But on the painting level, I guess it will drop down significantly as most evenings now I will be painting walls and ceilings.

The benefit is that once the place is ready, and I aim to have that done by the end of november, life can settle down after months both before and after the receiving of the keys.  And then I should be able to manage to get back in the yearlong rhythm of at least an hour of painting every day... and right on time for the next AHPC challenge.

Stay tuned, this little corner of the internet will be going on, but it just might not be with daily posts or a while!

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  1. Hey, congratulations! Hopefully the hobby space (when completed) really gets you inspired.