woensdag 19 juni 2019

Short Term Paint Projects

Or "What to paint on the minimal time I have currently".

Because well, renovating eats up a lot of time, and this is causing a havoc in both my paint schedule and plans for the year 2019, as everything unexpectedly moved forward about 6 months.

But I need my brush time to not succumb to mental breakdowns with the renovation work and professional pressure, and I get satisfaction of completing things.  Not per se whole armies or units, but just figures is good enough for me...

To that end, I have been shifting in my schedule and figures and been looking to things I can paint up rather fast and smooth, while expanding on my forces that way.  So the short list for the coming months, and that means until I am moving places in which I guess will be half of november, is about this:

* Battle Companies for Rohan, Durin's Folk and Moria
* Boost rank and file in small batches for both Minas Tirith and Mordor
* Paint Gothmog and Gandalf the White to round out said forces above
* Some small scale single model units for Dystopian Wars and Future War Commander
* Scatter terrain and small solid resin pieces
* Blood Bowl Amazons

All figures that usually require two tones per colour, or Army Painter 'X' washes to go fast through them, without hours of intensive lining and the likes like I do on bigger models and such.

Where the previous yers "netted" me 600+ models painted, I guess this year might be considered a success should I manage to top off at the 300 mark instead...

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