zaterdag 1 juni 2019

On the Painting Desk 96

The ultimate one before we get the keys now tuesday!

And as such I tried to get some odds and ends still finished...

One thing that has gotten completed, where some Dead of Dunharrow and their movement trays, only needing some flocking now and they are all done.

I also worked on some 6mm models to give my FWC Marine Corps much needed armoured support, and hope to finish those soonish in order to get them into scenario 2 of our mini-campaign.

But outside those?  I frankly have no idea how my evenings will be looking the coming months, where and when I find a painting "hole" to do some stuff and the likes.  So your guess will be as good as mine...

So that was it for now, I can't promise a lot of things will be shifting in the coming weeks as a result though...

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