maandag 10 juni 2019

FWC Marine Corps Armoured Reinforcements

If my FWC games have showed one thing so far, it's that my painted force lacks some medium armoured support.

Smaller, cheaper tanks to go alongside the mighty Land Raiders, whom so far have punched above their weight.

So enter the first of a batch of Predators.  Now, Marine vehicles are durable with their 4 hits 5+ save; but as in their large game counterparts they need to be tooled for the job at hand.  So Predators (and for that matter in the list, Razorbacks) come either with anti-infantry, or anti-tank loadouts, but no all purpose armaments.

These models as such, who are printed with files found on Thingiverse (seriously, have you seen the prices for the old metal Predators on ebay?) by my regular go to guy, have both options.  The ones with lascannon sponsons and lascannon and plasma cannon turrets for the tank hunting, and the bolter sponsons with autocannons for anti personel duties (like those bulk out numbers Pax conscripts).

And just because they fared so well up until now in my games, two more old plastic Land Raiders have been added to the tank park as well...

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