donderdag 13 juni 2019

The Middle-Earth Hobby Bingo update 2

Welcome to the second update on the bingo, now about two months in.

And I managed to scratch off some more squares this time round, even though I think the ratio will dwindle in the coming weeks, due to the house works.

But before that, I did remove some open spaces, the first this update being the one to paint "Finish a Good army of at least 600 Points" with the soldiers of Minas Tirith.

This also results de facto in the centre square being finished, "All of the finished models in your army are based", so that's two birds with one stone.

Another square that could be crossed away, was the "Paint a model for an army you don`t currently play", in the form of the first warriors of Numenor.

So that is a nice amount of progress on the chart this time round in the end!

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