zondag 9 juni 2019

The Haul Report 184

Plus Ultra!

Yeah, this is such a cool t-shirt, the GF bought it for me from Uniqlo as a gift, and I love it!

Now, the biggest haul of my life isn't really shown here, but has been posted by its own right here...

Some parcels arrived in the mail this week, including two from Wayland Games.  But also another cellphone cover, from Darling in the Franxxx.

The first contained the rulebook for Relic Knights, which currently has a big discount at the site for minus 40%.

The second was a box with all kinds of models from "all over the place",I had a "few (think almost 60 pounds)" vouchers still lying around from the past years of ordering and some contests and bonus actions, and they where expiring end of june, so I ordered them all up.  I wanted to save them up for the new Shire book etc for MESBG, but it looks that book will be released after the summer and I wouldn't have my freebie money go to waste...

But that is not all I obtained this week, scoring some "club merchandise" as well.  During the clean up last weekend, we came along one of the last dicebags, a gift to members I missed as I was in my hiatus a few years ago.

And I finally got me one of the club caps...

He, with summer starting to hit Belgium, additional protection for my pale skinned hindquarters (or okay, head at least) is always welcome...

So that's it for this week, see you all next weekend!

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