vrijdag 21 juni 2019

Hammers & Swords 2019

More then 7 years have passed. More then 7 years the fields of battle lay quiet as the sound of tournament drums faded at the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp.

In those years, the Old World became the World that was, and the Mortal Realms where born... but not in the 9th Age. Here, heroes of the past still wage war on the hordes of days gone by...

And now a new generation has risen, and the sounds of war will once again clammer in our clubhouse!

It has been years, but my gaming club, the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp, is returning to the tournament scene by organising Hammers and Swords 2019.

An idea grown from our Fantasy players, my only involvement is the behind the scenes administration and liasion with the board, so all the cudos has to go to the 9th Age players.

So on the 29th of september this year, we will be hosting our first wargames tournament in almost 7 years, and the name of the game will be The 9th Age, the fantasy successor to the last edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and totally community developped.

I will be present there as well, not as a player but as the numbers servitor for the pairings, the results entering and other paperwork thingies that come with these events, and of course to provide a full picture report afterwards.

If you want to participate, the registration link is HERE, as we are using the T3 website for this.

Maybe until then?

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