zondag 6 mei 2012

Antwerp Convention 2012

This was the second time the Antwerp Convention for anime, comics, scifi, horror and the likes took placem and the first time I attended.

It`s (a lot) smaller than FACTS in Ghent, but it was worth it, if only because of the less crowdedness I could go all frenzy on shopping (and as you`ll see at the bottom, I was loaded with in the end 3 big plastic bags and a full backpack) as there was still space enough to move without knocking other convention go`ers over.  I`ll definitly will be going back next year!

One note perhaps though towards my gaming club.  This was a missed opportunity, considering that the whole thing is mostly oriental styled, the Ninja game from Salute would have had it`s place here.  There was another club there, Puppeteers of Antwerp, and they had a lot of intrested people at their stand where two games where played as well as some people painting Lord of the Rings figures.

So here are pictures of the event for those that are of course intrested in these things, starting off with the heart and soul of these sorts of conventions, the real stars and bravehearts, the Cosplayers:

I LOVED that Charizard costume, just waiting for the picture our resident TSA Dwarf player Albert took where I`m hugging him.  Dress up, go out and pose all day, respect to those people, and one day I WILL have that real gold Saint armour cast up...

So moving on, let`s have a look of the other eye candy on the event, with traders, goodies and general impressions of the hall... and I must honestly admit, that purple haired trader girl left a mighty impression on me...

Of course, no convention is complete with it`s celebrities, like here Mr Struyken from the Netherlands, famous for amongst others his roles as Lurch in The Addams Family and Mr Homm in Star Trek

This picture is of a completely unknown, just shopping convention attendee, but it is such a beautiful and fine tattoo she has of a japanese styled Phoenix, I needed to have a picture of it.  Whoever you are lass, that`s some mighty finely done ink

Finally, THE LOOT, all almost 650 euros worth of it

This gained me a Deathcount pillow, two `Bishoujo` Marvel anime style statuettes, 4 Myth cloths, 2 custom models to go with the Myth cloth range, and a free Avengers comic courtesy of Archonia (yes, the online store I get most of my comics from) where I got the Black Cat.  Most of them will be shown off in detail over the comming weeks with some more detailed photographs.

What I didn`t find though where a Bud of Alcor myth cloth (the prices aren`t much cheaper then buying cloths online, but you don`t have to spend a few dozen quid on shipping this way), the Bishoujo White Queen and (just released) Harley Quinn, a binder for trading cards with some nice artwork like Rojo or Brom, and Pikachu sleeves to annoy the heck out of my future opponents in Magic The Gathering.

As I said, this convention kinds always cost me way more then things like Crisis and Salute, next will be the asian anime and cosplay 2-day con in July, at the same location.  Mr President, note it down, oriental 2 day convention next door ;)

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  1. The puppeteers stonden er ook met tafels en figuren :D 2 kramen rechts van de pink haired girl :p