zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Vongalazthag Violators 2 - Feet of Flames 0

Filthy Hobbitsesss...

Okay so last night saw my Dawi Zharr team having to be lined up against the resident Halfling team in the TSA Blood Bowl League 2012. 

It takes a special kind of person to play these short and flatfooted fellows, and Luc is that kind of player not above tossing his players around in order to score his goals, this having resulted in a fair amount of points already for the little guys and a solid mid field position in the League table.

I got FAME +2 with my 17000 slavers versus his 8000 slaves, but apart from the winnings nothing on the kick off table ever gave me the chance to use this, and I had 70k inducements which would get me a Blood Weiser babe to support the team this match.

It left me with having to come up with a gameplan that would make the small dodgers's life miserable upon impact, as I had to hold off his 4'5 guys with my 5' guys, bar his where tossed over my head by two 8' trees.

I decided to keep my 5 Blockers (the 6th had to miss this match)always in the back when kicking, and spread the tackle zones so he would have some trouble dodging around due to the Tackle skill, only advancing when it was more or less safe that during that particular drive, no more Halfings would fly over.

I also opted to start once more with only one Bull Centaur, he should be strong enough to push through just in case we got the ball and actually managed to bring it to him.  So the front line would have to be held by... my Hobgoblins, BoB in front.  BoB the Brave (or stupid) must have something like chronical concussion, as he spend the whole game as a ping pong ball hovering between stunned and prone as he was smacked from one Treeman to the other... but refused to be carried of the pitch!

The Violators started by kicking, and the first flying halfling ended up being badly hurt as his `star` catcher was fumbled twice with his re-roll by a tree.  We got possession of the ball on my right flank as Thunder Hoof picked it up, and broke through the line by help of his Break Tackle and his Sprint skillset.  This netted me a 1-0 lead slightly over halfway of the first time.

For the next kick off, I borught on the second Bull centaur as well but his first blitz resulted in both players going down and the half cobbling to an end.

Second half, I once again put both Bull Centaurs on as we would be receiving, and some more dwarven linemen to the frontline (and away from those wooden guys) to force open the flanks and thunder the Centaurs through. 

Some pushing forth and back took place with Thunder Hoof Badly injuring the second shorty of the game, and my team didn`t manage to decently pick up the ball and toss it to a Bull centaur, so in the end the second centaur picked up the ball himself and bludgeoned his way over the left flank.  Turn 5 of the second half and Balls of Brass scored the safe 2-0 lead for the Violators.

I then did something `spectacular` and fielded all my Hobgoblins for the next kick.  Okay, it wasn`t spectacular, it was downright playign safe.  I took off my star Bull Centaur Thunder Hoof (4 TDs and 4 Cas in this league so far) as well as my two Dawrf blockers that already have Guard, just to prevent freakish things happening in the final 3 turns.  The rest of the Dwarfs was deployed with the remaining Centaur in the back as per the game plan... leaving the front line cluttered by 7 Hobgoblins.  If they`re going to allow `net based` teams in next years Legue, I`m considering an all Hobgob team instead of the Wood Elves for one...

They got smacked.  Then smacked some more.  Then one died but the Apothecary changed it in a simple miss next match.  Then they stabbed back viciously, with one Hobgoblin badly hurting a third short stuffer, and BoB of all Hobgoblins tossed a completed (Quick) pass in the final turn, which would make sure he would gain a skill roll after the game.

The game ended this way, and in the end I gathered 60k winnings towards the purchase of that final player, the Minotaur, giving me 80k in the Treasury now. 

Man of the Match was... BoB for the second time in his career, the fans are picking up his infamy for sure, and what other skill would there be to give this foolish Hobgob then Dauntless.  Now, supported by the two Guard equipped Dwarfs, the Legend of BoB can really start soaring sky high, because in BoB we trust!

League wise, this now puts me on enough games to be qualified, with 5 games played and 9 points scored at the moment: 3 wins, 2 losses, 6 touchdowns scored, 5 touchdowns against.  No idea how the table looks like so far, as the LC isn`t very outcomming with those and I had to promise some co-players not to do it for him hehe.

Conclusion: no Halfling walks into Zharr Naggrund and expects to get out unburned

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  1. Nice report! Chaos dwarves are a tough match for halflings. I agree with you, I like hobgoblins.