donderdag 3 mei 2012

The Final Violators

Finished painting up the last two players to complete my Blood Bowl team roster, so that is another `achievement unlocked` in the to paint planning this year.

The newest Hobgoblin lineman, Luke, has already been drafted (it is rumoured he was personally trained by coach Dwarf Vha`Dur himself) while I`m saving up for this guy to fill the last and 16th spot on the sheet:

The Great Bull of Hashut

aka a Minotaur big guy, who`ll only be taking to the pitch in drives where we receive, spending the rest of the time on the bench with the second Bull Centaur.

I hope to gain the final 90k to buy him over the next two or so matches, the first one will be next week friday versus Feet of Flame, the resident Halfling team in our league.

Next now to focus on painting will be first of all the Hobgoblin army for the tournament event in july.  Only 500 points but nearly 100 models, this`ll be a serious time consuming project, but I`m quite certain I can pull it off IF I can complete at least the Khadash unit of 50 this month, and preferably the Sneaky Gitz block of 18 as well.
Then june will be mostly doing the smaller units alongside the block of Warriors.

After that, I`m gonna start seriously working on my 15mm Chaos Dwarf force, in order to give HoTT finally a go (yeah, I scrapped the Wood Elves).

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