dinsdag 22 mei 2012

Saint Seiya Custom models: Young Pandora and Baby Athena

Two gems I found on Antwerp Convention, at around 20 euros each, are these custom series models of a young Lady pandora (when she intertwined her fate with Ikki and Shun) bearing the essence of Hades in a babywrap, or alternatively the box that held the essence of the Twin Gods Thanatos and Hypos.

The second, Baby Athena, can either be made with a smiling face and the dagger of Saga (posing as the pope) in an ornate case, or with a crying face as the dagger plunges into the baby.

Both models are labelled on the box `not for sale in Europe, USA and South America` but I don`t care, they have it, I buy it, simple comme bonjour.

They might not be as impressive as some of the mainstream Myth cloths, they sure as hell make nice pieces to spread along between those models to liven up the collection a little...

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