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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review #37: Hyoga of Cygnus v1

Okay, I admit, this is downright scandalous.  We`re down to review 37 and over 40 saints have passed the revue, and only know I`ve gotten my hands on Hyoga in his first anime incarnation, the Cygnus saint.

This guy is / was `my` saint, the one you play pretend to be when your about 10 years old and in love with a series.  Okay, so I might have been doing the Diamond Dust and Aurora Thunder Attack as recent as last week in my bathroom, but that`s not relevant.
This is the guy that blew my way to Platinum on the PS3 Samctuary Battle game, the by far coolest (literally even) of the Bronze saints... and the Saint of Melancholy.

The only non-Japanese orphan send out by the Grade Foundation to try and earn a cloth, Siberian Hyoga has since becomming a Saint been in a position where he needed to defeat and kill every one he loves.  First his (anime only) master the Crystal Saints, then his grand master Camus of Aquarius, his childhood friend Isaac of Kraken and in the Lucifer movie the memory of his deceased mother and motivation for ever becomming a Saint, so he could dive in the artic seas to visit her watery grave.
He is going to be making an appearance as well in the newest incarnation of Saint Seiya, the Omega series, but he will be permanently frozen from an attack by Mars.

The Cygnus saint in the anime is just arrogant, in the magna he was the assassin send by Sanctuary to take out the upstart saints during the Galaxian Tournament.  First to face off the Black Saints and to engage Ikki of Phoenix in battle, he is as brave as any and believes utterly in his freezing powers.

The model itself is definitly better then the v2 edition of Hyoga, the hair not suffering from the split at the top for one.  The model comes with the usual metal pieces, being legs, arms, main chestpiece and belt for the skirt, and is rather smooth to assemble.
A nice thing is that he has a wider and narrower piece for the chest, to be able to pose him during the special attacks (like I did) or normal pose.
Face is decent but not perfect though, but he certainly isn`t out of his place in any collection, and I`ll rate him a 3.5 on 5. Though that might be certainly subjective commenting on my part, as I said, he is `my` saint.  I also found a custom made base for him to pose Hyoga during the beginning stage of the Diamond Dust attack, it`s currently in the mail to lil` ol` Belgium and will be a centrepiece in my collection for sure ;)
But that`s for a later time

 So here are those coolish attacks, shown as Big Bang Attacks in the PS3 game

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